28 May 2015

CBD-Habitat Foundation

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The CBD-Habitat Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing projects related to conservation of biodiversity and habitat, while facilitating relations between man and the natural environment. His main working area is West Africa and Europe.

In Guinea Bissau, Foundation is responsible for developing a draft Ecotourism responsible for the country's National Parks, in partnership with Institute of Biodiversity and Protected Areas (IBAP) and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Within the framework of this project, nonprofit manages the Orange Park Hotel, revertiendo los beneficios de microprojects cooperation development that benefit the population Orango National Park. To date, has been renovated and equipped the infirmary of the main population, paid the salary of nurses, have relied ophthalmological and gynecological visits, etc..

Within the project will invent the exceptional natural resources of the country that are likely to be visited by ecotourists responsibly and with low impact on the environment. For they are designing a series of codes of conduct.

In addition to these cooperation projects development, performs other conservation projects Endangered Species.

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